Trump (single)

by neu dae

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lyrics by neumy
beat by evaridae
recorded at neu dae studios, Saturday, August 20th, 2016
Madison, WI


On the contrary to popular right wing propaganda and slander it's evident
Hillary isn't th villain she’s the better Presidential candidate
Not my first choice, but her voice, will do less damage than
That Donald dude with the anger management issues, he’s Benjamin Button
A baby at 70, thinks he's an A list celebrity but he is confused
Ego inflated, like the balls his boy Tom Brady wouldn't use
He’d fail any spelling bee, by putting an I in team, thinks that he’s bullet proof
Addicted to power a dictator mind it seems, we shouldn’t excuse
The hate he spews, Make no mistake his views are racist
In terms of immigration and terrorist motivation
If y’all wanna build a wall, don’t embarrass us, play Tetris,
So careless with his words the world is staring like what’s next? Laughing
Whatever happened to freedom of religion, believe what you wanna believe and stuff
So focused on second amendment we forgot about our other freedoms huh?
I’ve seen enough, it’s all fun and games until the asylum is run by the inmates
If you’re a supporter pump on the breaks, Drumpf is a snake with a venomous bite
Divisive like a mistress, look I'm as politically incorrect as it gets
I swear, not like KC and JoJo I have no problem telling it like it is
But the price of what he says is great, fuel on a fire of hate
The right likes to paint the picture that we’re in dire straits, we ain’t, chill
They’re climbing up a hill with that A-hole, they can’t win
With a tool topped in a toupee, thin spray tanned skin
Make America great again is a great disguise
He criticised a muslim mother of a fallen soldier for her silence
But only lets his wife speak if it's plagiarized, he patronizes women
If you like what you see he played your eyes, y’all can make the right decision
Drumpf’s a twitter troll personified, speak first, think later
A tiny handed, whiny, and a highly manic, wanna be dictator
Empty of empathy he even bragged after Orlando
When it was a psychotic, in the closet dude on the terror watch list who had no
Problem getting guns or ammo, you can put that on the NRA
Doing anything and everything they can to enable terrorists everyday
Anyway, Drumpf symbolises, what’s ugly in our country
So please, let’s not allow him run free with no leash
And show these, power hungry phonies, there’s consequences to face
Cause right now that’s not the case if you’re in the one percent or the police



released August 22, 2016



all rights reserved


neu dae Madison, Wisconsin

neumy and evaridae with a little help from their friends.

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